I don’t think we could possibly be any happier that we chose this facility for our daughter. In fact I’m writing this review because I have been overwhelmed with gratitude lately at the degree to which the women on staff care for our daughter and – bonus – for our family as a whole! I knew the second we toured this facility that our search was over because we immediately got such a great vibe from this center and the staff.

It’s no small thing to trust someone with your child for 40 hours a week, but we drop our daughter off every day knowing that she will be surrounded by loving, fun and engaging caretakers. Thank you Rebekah, Wendy, Kathryn, Fabby and Andrea for all that you do for our little girl!

Hannah D., March 2019

This place has been a great facility and my son LOVES it here! Sometimes when I go to pick him up he doesn’t want to leave yet. The teachers are fantastic and come up with so many great activities for the kids. We also love that they offer extracurricular activities at the center during the day. My son especially loves the gymnastics offered. My son is 4 and we just moved here, but were lucky enough to get a spot at One World about 5 months ago and I am forever fortunate we did. I looked at many daycares and I loved the feel of this one, their ethics, the outdoor time, and their focus on health and the environment. The playground outside is fantastic and definitely my sons favorite time of the day. I really couldn’t have asked to be any luckier finding such a supportive and loving place to take my son every day, full-time.

Leah L., October 2018

There aren’t enough words in the universe to describe how wonderful One World has been to me and my family. Both of my boys have attended and we as a family have been there for about 4 years. The teachers are like family. I couldn’t ask for better care. When it comes to discipline (which all kids need in their lives) they are very explanatory. They sit the child down, explain to them what they did wrong, why it was wrong, and what they should do next time. Then they explain to you as a parent what happened. They never talk down to my children. My boys have always felt just as loved there as they do in our home. The staff there is very caring and flexible to your child’s needs and your schedule. Without fail, they have always accommodated us when my husband has to work an extra shift, or if we have a family emergency. My kids come home exhausted, excited about what they learned, and have played their hearts out. My son went to Kindergarten more than ready for “big boy school”
Thank you to Lisa, Wendy, and all the staff at One World. We will be so sad to leave when Caleb goes to Kindergarten.

Taylor S., August 2018

My son started going to One world when he was 2 and it was a rough transition at first because he was always home with me before that. The entire staff at One world were so kind in the transition and so patient with my son and even me as his mom during the process of separation anxiety. My son graduated from preschool at one world and is beyond prepared for kindergarten because of the incredible teachers at this school. Having worked at preschools personally I was so hesitant to put my son in preschool but One world has beyond exceeded my expectations for a school for any child. They are loving, patient, and work through issues with families and children to their fullest extent possible. I love the staff at one world and my son has had the best preschool experience any parent could hope for because of this school!

Katie K., June 2018

My 3 year old son has been going to One World for 2+ years and it is by far his favorite place! He started off at a year and a half and was in the Tiger’s class where Ms. Jessica and Ms. Tippy (Tiffany) were his teacher’s, Ms. Jessica had been his teacher at a previous school so that made the transition very easy and comfortable. They have a hands on approach with the kids, especially at ages when kids are starting to understand and explore senses. Ms. Jessica is often referred to as the Potty Training Queen! No Joke, she has earned it. In this class they begin the potty training process which was super helpful to me as a first time mom, having someone else assist me with the structure of potty training. The school isn’t forceful with their approach with the parents and the children, but being able to talk to them (her) about techniques made it more successful both at school and at home.
When he turned 2 he moved into the Panda Class which is Ms. Sara(h) and Ms. Miranda who are kids at heart (in a respectful way). They genuinely enjoy the children they teach, and you can tell that your kid connects with them when you walk in and they would rather finish playing a game or listening to a story they are reading vs going home right away. Then there is the Koala class with Ms. Lourdes and Ms. Amparo! Ms. Amparo is bi-lingual and offers a Spanish class to her students which we happily signed up for. It is a cost separate from the Tuition but when your kid comes home knowing sentences, songs and is enthusiastic about it, you’ll love it. Brenden would sit next to her at lunch as proceed to ask her what everything in his lunchbox was in Spanish, or even at home he’d ask what something was and he would rush into school the following morning to ask her. It’s great that he is not only learning it but retaining Spanish. The curriculum is broken up into different categories: Art, Literature, Math, Science, Sensory, Social Studies, Fine Motor, Writing, Movement depending on their classes.
At the beginning of the month the staff sends out an email with the monthly updates that show a monthly calendar for all classes, a snack calendar. Both are extremely helpful. Nothing use to irritate me more than when I would pack a lunch for my son that had a food in it that he would have for one of the two snacks that day. Seems minor, I know but the snack calendar was super helpful and very much appreciated (at least by me!)
The monthly calendar shows a specific breakdown of what your kid will be learning on what days. Which is great because then you know what you can help with or assist your child with once they are home. It also helps you as a parent focus on realistic expectations of your child based on their age group and development.
The email also contains Monthly themes, activities (both in and out of school), etc.

They do a lot of activities with our kiddos and happily capture it on camera (with parental consent of course) and I love it, whether it’s field trips, pumpkin patch visits, Trick or Treating, Summer BBQ’s or science fun, it’s great to see candid’s of the kids while we are at work.
In the summer months they do Summer BBQ’s once (or twice) a month and you can sign your kid up to enjoy a nice little picnic outside in which the school will grill up some hot dogs, cut up some fruit, and pass out some chips. They also have Pizza Day. What kid doesn’t love Pizza?! The last Friday of the month ( excluding Holidays), you may also sign your kiddo up to receive a pizza lunch. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s more for me in which I have one day where there is one less lunch to make in the morning, but Brenden loves it either way.
Also during the summer months the kids can do water day. No risk of drowning, it’s sprinkler fun, water tables, buckets of water etc and allows for relief from the summer heat. They even change them into dry clothes afterwards (winning!)
Bike Day: As long as you provide a helmet, your kid can participate. Whether they bring their own bike, scooter, etc or they use one of the many bikes, trikes, around the school this is an awesome way to get the kids to burn some energy. The parking lot is physically blocked off by employees cars so that there is no way of incident. There’s no way for me to emphasize how safe they make it for our kids—trust me, your kids will have a blast and it is a safe environment!!!
The classes also partake in gardening. Age appropriate, whether it’s watering plants, planting flowers, tending to the garden in the back play ground, it’s a great introduction for these kids and we all know kids like to get down and dirty.
The playground was gone through several changes which we first got there, it’s awesome to see them updating and maintaining the equipment for our kiddos to enjoy. There are 2 separate playgrounds that allow the little ones to play without getting trampled by the big kids.
It’s affordable and academic based daycare that we are lucky to be a part of!
Out of room…

Sydney W., December 2016