Dear Susan,

I wanted to thank you for the effort you have put forth in developing such a comprehensive program at One World Children’s Academy.  Our son, Matthew has been in the program for two years.  We seriously considered moving him prior to you taking over the organization.

I am impressed with the changes and enhancements to the curriculum.  You and your staff are doing a wonderful job of incorporating all the different learning and communication styles to ensure each child’s success.  We have noticed a big change in Matthew’s confidence level.  He freely interacts more and is proud of his accomplishments.

Matthew likes his teachers and frequently comments on them at home.  Your staff is enthusiastic and helpful.  Thank you for creating a safe,caring environment where our son can learn and blossom.  We look forward to his next adventure at One World Learning Center.

Tracy DuFur
Grateful Mom


March 30th, 2010

Dear Susan and The Staff at One World Learning Center,

Carter has been attending the center since December of ’09. As a first time Mommy I was very scared and apprehensive about putting my son anywhere, especially because he was only 15 months old and had always been at home with us. From his first day, everybody at the center has made this transition such a great experience for all of us. The staff was so supportive and understanding, (even happily giving me updates on his progress during those first few weeks when I would call 8 times a day). His social skills have improved significantly, and he is learning more and more everyday. He loves his friends and his teachers. It is hard enough for any parent to have to leave their child during the day, but at this center, Carter and I both look forward to the day. I know that he is in a safe, secure, and loving environment. I can not thank you all enough for what you do, One World is truly one of a kind.

Bryan, Christi, & Carter Johnson


April 24, 2012

Life at One World has been amazing! We have been so happy with our daughter’s development. She is leaps and bounds ahead of other children her age that we know. One World gives kids education mixed with fun, music, art and love… The staff treats us like family and we couldn’t imagine life without them!

Thanks for everything!


Christina Healy

The staff at One world are the kindest people i could ask to watch over my children while i am working! I love walking through the door in the morning and seeing smiling faces while they greet each of my children and me. My kids express to me how much they love school all the time, and they never want to leave when i pick them up. Since both my kids have started I have seen such a growth in them. They are more out spoken, they are more polite, and they come home telling me all the new stuff the learn everyday. After placing my kids in this school, i could never go back to any other. I love the teachers, i love the classmates, and i 100% would recommend one world to any parent seeking a good/loving environment for there child.

Thank Guys,
Morgan Daguison (Amora and Toriens mom)