Center Philosophy

Our goal is to instill the joy of learning in our children for life.

One World Children’s Academy believes children are active learners that learn and grow from their surrounding environment. We believe it is the responsibility of all the important adults in the child’s life to form a partnership to guide and teach the child in a positive way. Children learn through modeling and the relationships of adults and peers in their lives.
We also believe the development and learning of the child are interrelated and embedded in the child’s culture. Each child grows and learns in a sequential, logical order while developing cognitive, emotional, language, motor, and social skills. Children also learn through the experiences in their lives. Children must be given the opportunity to experiment, explore, create, question, build, and share. A child that is given the opportunity to learn and express himself in a variety of ways will help the child feel successful. We believe in Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and that all children need to be treated as unique individuals that have different learning styles. Children need to be given the opportunity to understand, learn, and use their intellectual strengths.
One World Children’s Academy believes children learn best through a variety of learning experiences. All children learn in various ways and have different learning styles that fit them best. A classroom that has a short group time that also allows the children ample time to explore and learn individually or in small groups is best for young children. Young children love to learn through hands-on activities, centers, and play.
We believe children should learn through what sparks the child’s interest. Young children should have the freedom to play, explore, and learn using what interests them. A classroom can provide different play areas that allow the children to stay or move from one center to the next. It also offers the opportunity for children to play alone, with a friend, or in a small group of children. Teachers are then able to supervise, encourage, and find the teachable moments to help the children to grow.
We believe that everyone should be accepted and welcomed to our center. Children that are English language learners or dealing with disabilities and delays need to feel welcome and have the same opportunity as every other child in school. Parents, teachers, and students need to work together in treating everyone with respect and kindness. Classrooms are already set up to accommodate anyone and everyone. All children can learn and benefit from being with their peers.
One World Children’s Academy believes in using direct guidance to show respect to the child while using positive guidance strategies. The teacher guides the child by setting limits, using active listening, and positive verbal interaction to help with problem solving. We also believe in indirect guidance to guide the children towards a positive behavior by arranging an appropriate set-up of whole groups, small groups, and independent centers. The teacher can encourage positive behaviors and interaction by indirectly guiding the children using routines and a well-organized classroom environment. We believe in modeling appropriate behavior. The adults in a child’s life play an important role in guiding the child’s behavior. Children learn to act from the adults in their lives so it is critical that the adults model appropriate, respectful behavior.
At One World Children’s Academy, we find it important to have a low staff to child ratio with a small group size. This is most beneficial to the child and the teacher. Our center’s ratio is lower than what is listed in Washoe County’s regulations. All of our teachers have a mixture of education and experience. Teachers need to continue their learning about children and development. This allows the teachers to keep up to date on new strategies and practices that will benefit the child and the center. The teacher is also setting a good example for the children showing them how important it is to continue to grow and learn. We believe the staff development is essential to the well-being of the children and the center. Our staff participates in more classes and workshops than they are required by the county licensing regulations.
We find it essential to the well-being of your child for parents and teachers to have a good, open relationship with daily communication. As parents, you know the most about your child, so please express to the teacher any changes, concerns, or problems that might be affecting their child in any way possible. Parents are welcome to stop by and visit, volunteer in the class, or have a meeting with the teacher. The teachers make it a priority to tell parents daily about their child’s day. Parents and teachers need to focus on working together by setting clear, consistent expectations, listening with compassion, communicating in a positive way, and modeling respectful behavior for the good of the child.
One World Children’s Academy believes that the child is the priority and that parents, staff, and the school need to work together to benefit the child. Children are unique individuals with different learning styles, interests, abilities, and personalities. Our center will accommodate, encourage, and guide your child in learning. Children will learn best when the environment is safe, appropriate, and inviting with a variety of materials to explore, experiment, play, and make choices independently. Through education, experience, and a positive learning environment, teachers can guide the children in a meaningful way.