Picasso Self Portrait for Reno Preschool

We are learning all new things about Picasso at One World. Our four year old classroom made their own version of Picasso’s famous work.  Here is a fun link to make a digital Picasso self-portrait: http://www.picassohead.com/create.html

picasso2 picasso1

Picasso at Preschool

picasso3 picasso4

Here at One World Children’s Academy we had a week of learning about Picasso. The Koalas and Lions made their own version of his famous piece called Hand with Flowers.

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ”

–Pablo Picasso


Cubism for Preschool

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were in the forefront of the art form called Cubism. At One World we learned about Picasso. The Koalas and Lions learned about Picasso through a few different types of art projects. Here is a great website that talks about Cubism and how young children can learn more: http://www.ducksters.com/history/art/cubism.php

cubisim2 cubisim1

January 2014 Bulletin Board


Snowmen, snowflakes and a bunch of snowballs are on the Pandas bulletin board. They are all ready for the cold weather in January.

January Bulletin Board

The Koalas and Lions are learning about polar animals this month. Ms. Amparo and Ms. Alison made a cute penguin bulletin board. Each child made a little penguin to post on the bulletin board.


Winter Bulletin Board


 The Tigers and Cubs love the winter weather. Jeweled snowflakes made of popsicle sticks, glue, and gems. Each child added a little sparkle to this January bulletin board.

January 2014 One World Newsletter

January 2014 School News

So many new and exciting activites are happning in the month of January. We look forward to the new adventures of 2014.

What My Snowman Did Last Night?



Our Koala Class has been busy learning how to write.

After reading the book “Snowmen at Night” each child wrote what their snowman would do at night. Each child had a unique responses. Each child also decorated their own snowman.


Guess Whoooo???

Fun activity for the Infants room.

1. Finger paint a piece of paper.

2. After the finger paints have dried, cut out the shape of an owl.

3. Take a close up picture of each childs eyes.

4. Cut out each set of eyes and match it to each child’s finger painting.

5. Post each child’s art on the wall with a number that corresponds to a hidden answer key. See if the parents and other teachers can pick the correct set of eyes for each child.




December 2013 Newsletter

OW Newsletter December 2013