About Our Center


One World Children’s Academy is committed to providing a quality, educational preschool program that promotes high self-esteem, the joy of learning, and an environment of respect and dignity for each other.   We believe without question that the early years are the most important in the social, emotional, and intellectual development of a child’s life. The center provides an environment that is not only safe, positive, and nurturing, but that will also give your child the opportunity to explore, learn, make friends, and most of all to feel successful. We believe that all children deserve to be treated with unconditional love and respect and that each one of them is a unique individual. We believe that the parents are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life and we strive through communication and support to form a partnership between parents and staff for the good of the whole child.

The School is licensed through the Washoe County Department of Social Services  for ages infancy through Kindergarten.   Each of our classrooms is designed by age and developmental needs of the children in that classroom.  Our classrooms are staffed above Social Services requirements in order to provide the highest quality program.  Our curriculum includes language arts, math, science, social studies, Spanish, music, and art with an emphasis on environmental awareness.